Unshelve Pending Changes in Visual Studio 2013

Recently, I needed to use visual studio 2013 for a client who is still using it and need to shelve and unshelve a changeset. Shelving is easy but I couldn’t find an intuitive way to unshelve my changes. After stumbling for a few minutes and a couple of failed google searches I finally found it.

1. Go to Team Explorer
2. Locate the Pending Changes section
3. Right click on Pending Changes and click on the “Find Shelvesets” menu item.
4. Once you are on the Find Shelvesets screen you can do a search by the user name or shelveset name.

Locate Pending Changes Section:

Search for shelveset by user name or shelevset name:

Instead of step 3, you can also just click on the Pending Changes section and locate “Find Shelvesets” in the “Actions” drop down.