Webmin: there are too many zones on your system to display here

I have a linux server running ubuntu 10.04 and I use webmin 1.570 to monitor and manage my services like named and mysql. Yesterday I went over the default limit of number of zones shown in the ‘Existing DNS Zones’ section of the named module on webmin and got a message “there are too many zones on your system to display here”. I really didn’t want to go the command line way of managing my zones and like to see all the zones in one place in a nice gui.
The solution was to click on the ‘Module Config’ link for the ‘BIND DNS Server’ and set the ‘Maximum number of zones to display’ to 100 and hit save.
From the main Webmin window, click Servers, then Bind DNS Server and finally Module Config

The module config link may not show for all webmin users depending on how you have it setup (you can restrict access to parts of modules from the Webmin users control). Also, I know for sure that the module config link is not available on webmin version 1.180 and older. Upgrade to 1.230 atleast and you should be able to see the link. You can upgrade webmin from the Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Upgrade Webmin section

My Reading List

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